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A 100% natural and ecological sleep systemHealth for the whole familyLaminated natural beechwood bed frameThe Azul Natura mattress100% Natural Marino Wool Mattress Cover and BlanketLatex cervical pillowAzul Natura cushionThe Azul Natura baby kit

A 100% natural and ecological sleep system

La Cama Azul aids in the production of melatonin (lowering oxidative stress levels and increasing the capacity of the immune system). It is without of doubt a source of health and energy.

Health for the whole family

La Cama Azul insulates and protects against electromagnetic fields, providing restful sleep (reduces insomnia), slowing aging and facilitating cell regeneration.

Laminated natural beechwood bed frame

Our AZUL NATURA bed frame is made from 100% natural products: - In laminated natural beechwood. - Natural rubber, pivoting suspensions. – Beachwood strips slats with adjustments lumbar firmness. – Manually raise and lower five positions for feet and head. – Natural beechwood legs. - Raw materials do not contain anything harmful to humans or the environment

The Azul Natura mattress

The Azul Natura mattress is made with 100% natural products and consists of: - A 100% natural latex block (80 kg / m3 density). – Ergonomic- ajustable with seven different rest settings. – 100% natural cotton cover which is easily removable. – The exterior mattress cover is made with 100% natural STRETCH cotton with copper wires and grounding. - Raw materials of the AZUL NATURA do not contain anything harmful to humans or the environment.

100% Natural Marino Wool Mattress Cover and Blanket

The mattress cover and the Blanket are two fundamental elements in the AZUL NATURA rest system: - Made with 100% natural products. - Made of genuine merino wool. This is the only wool in the world that completely insulates and has demonstrable therapeutic qualities. The merino wool fleece (pure wool) is composed of millions of tiny fibers with a special weave. - The wool works as a perfect insulator and is the best thermal cover. - Protects against the cold and heat. - The wool absorbs the moisture generated by perspiration, developing an increase in body temperature, preventing cooling of the skin. - The mattress incorporates copper mesh wire and grounding.

Latex cervical pillow

La Cama Azul´s pillow is a fundamental element that helps to maintain correct posture during sleep: - 100% natural latex. - Appropriate weight density for the head that allows maintaining ideal posture during sleep and counteracts the abuse suffered by our cervical vertebrae during the day. - External cover in 100% natural merino wool.

Azul Natura cushion

PROTECT YOURSELF FROM DANGEROUS ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS GENERATED BY YOUR COMPUTER WITH THE AZUL NATURA CUSHION • Manufactured with 100% natural products. • Ideal for all types of office chairs, couches and vehicles. • Isolates and protects you from electromagnetic fields generated by televisions and other electronic devices. • Prevents static electricity in vehicles. • Improves your body's circulation. • Reduces muscular lypoatrophy in the legs. • It is anti-static and provides relaxing and anti-stress benefits. • 3 cm natural latex core. • Organic cotton and Merino wool exterior. • Contains natural carbon graphite threads and grounding wire.

The Azul Natura baby kit

The AZUL NATURA BABY KIT is manufactured with 100% natural products and consists of: • UA core of 100% natural latex with a density of 80 kgs/m3. • Measures: 60 x 120 cm. • Ergonomic mattress with seven rest zones that adapt to your body. • Easy removal of mattress cover. • 100% natural cotton interior mattress cover. • 100% natural stretch cotton exterior mattress cover with carbon graphite threads and grounding wire. • The raw materials of the Azul Natura Baby Kit are natural and do not contain any substances that are harmful to humans or the environment